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Skunked! How to ‘deskunk’ your dog

This is a bit off-topic from our usual Flea Market Gardening, but skunks are a reality in a country garden when you have dogs.  I hope our ‘recipe’ works,…I’ll let you know! ~~ Sue

Last night, 2am, our Corgi, Maggie saw some kind of creature amble by the open sliding glass door, leapt up and crashed through the screen to protect us from whatever it was. Well, it was a darned polecat! Maggie, our sweet Maggie, must have got it right in the face because she slunk right back in when we called her.

Maggie May

Maggie May

We’ll be shampooing the carpet this morning since she immediately (before we could snatch her up) began to roll on her back.  Dressing hurriedly, I ran to get our ‘skunk kit’, checking quickly on the computer for exact directions.  Tractor man held her in the bathtub and I doused her with the ‘formula’ with rubber gloved hands.

We had wondered what this experience might be like.  The eye burning smell when it is this close is like very strong onions, burned garlic and a petroleum smell…or propane.  Awful!  And it filled our bedroom!  We washed the dog, washed our hands and faces and threw all the towels and our clothes in the washer.

We climbed into our smaller but comfy queen bed in the guest room with the slightly aromatic Maggie hiding herself on the floor.  I’m afraid I elbowed poor Tractor Man as I tossed and turned the rest of the night, but I certainly could have slept better had he not kept crying out in protest when I did so!

Oh, the skunk kit? Here is what we keep in the cupboard in case of skunk attack.

1 or 2 quarts of Hydrogen peroxide (1 bottle is 16 oz, so 4 bottles)

a box of baking soda

Dish soap is on everyone’s sink so I grabbed that as well.

Maggie, on regular bath day

The recipe is 1 qt hydrogen peroxide in a pouring type container, mix in 1/4 cup baking soda and a teaspoon of dish soap.

In a bathroom with the door shut and the window open, mix the ingredients  a rubber gloved hands.

With the dog in the bath tub wash the dog with the mixture while it is still foaming.

Wait for ten minutes for it to soak in.  Don’t wash the dog’s face or eyes with the mixture.

We washed Maggie with her regular dog shampoo and dried her with old car towels.

I will update this telling if it works or should be repeated.  I’m afraid we’ll have to do so! Poor Maggie!

Here is the page where I got this recipe and it’s explained by the chemist who configured it. I urge you to get your kit together in advance if you think you’ll ever need it because we couldn’t have gotten to any store at 2am!

Maggie, hiding

Maggie, hiding,…”No, it’s NOT time for a bath.”

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