Meeting Jane Krauter

Jane Krauter

Jane Krauter

Jane Ochinero Krauter lives and gardens in Clovis in the Central Valley of California. Her husband is a pilot and she has two adult children, who are out on their own. She likes to garden, travel, visit with family and friends and ride her bike.  She has only been on the computer for a few years but has taught herself a lot in that short time, especially about photography and Facebook social media.

“This is the view from my kitchen window last July.”

“This is the view from my kitchen window last July.”

Jane says of her home, family and garden, “My husband, Kevin, was career USAF and we always rented our homes, moving every three years.  When we were finally ready to settle down, he wanted to be in the country, so, we bought an old house with 2 1/2 acres in Clovis and completely bare gardens!  I discovered perennials when I realized that I had way too much space to plant annuals every 6 months.”  Jane and Kevin have fruit trees! Peach, nectarine, plum, apple, apricot, grapefruit and one hundred navel orange trees, Jane says.

Child's rocking chair in a riot of color!

Child’s rocking chair in a riot of color!

She says, “I found this white child’s rocking chair along the side of the road! Old chairs are my favorite! This is right outside of my kitchen window. I plant mostly annuals here, to have color all year round. In the pots are Begonias and Vinca, in the beds, ‘Indian Summer’ Rudbeckia, Victoria Blue Salvia, pink Impatiens and Profusion White Zinnia.”

Here’s Squirrelly

Here’s Squirrelly, obviously finished with his job.

Some of my favorite photos of Jane’s are the ones that look like she has just stepped out of the picture for a moment while gardening, like this one above and the next two.

Me and My Shadow!

Me and My Shadow!

“Can you can see what Squirrelly & I were up to this morning! It’s been a busy day, planning a big party in my yard!” Jane asks.

It was a potting & deadheading kinda day!

It was a potting & deadheading kinda day!

For this profile, Jane says, “I looked up when I joined FMG and can’t remember when. But, why? Because I love seeing REAL peoples’ gardens and junk! …much better then a magazine, because a magazine doesn’t ‘talk’ (comment) back to you!”

Everything is ‘found’ Including Buddy

Everything is ‘found’ Including Buddy

Jane says, “Everything is ‘found’ in this picture! Including Buddy the cat! The basket planter is from my sister’s garage sale. The chair was a roadside find. Watering can, found and spray painted!”

Blue wheelbarrow....see Buddy?

Blue wheelbarrow….see Buddy?

Jane brightens up a shady corner of her garden with her bright blue wheelbarrow filled to the rim with impatiens. She says, “Last April, I found the blue wheelbarrow & the old wooden chair on the side of the road! I planted right in the wheel barrow, it took lots of potting soil!  It’s great for a shady, rooty area, where nothing grows.”

bicycle ‘garden’

bicycle ‘garden’

Jane asked for help from the FMG gang concerning what to plant in her bicycle ‘garden’ posted in our “Pedals and Petals” album. “This bike is still sitting right here where it posed for this picture! I need your HELP! We live in California, it gets to 100′ most days in the Summer!”  Her next picture showed it, overflowing with so many flowers that you could no longer see the bike!

"My zinnias from friend, Todd"

My zinnias grew from seeds sent by friend, Todd! The morning glories reseed easily.

I saw all these photos of Jane’s wheelbarrow, her bicycle and her zinnias, before I met her.  But we did meet! And we have visited each of our gardens!  We discovered on Flea Market Gardening, that we live only 45 minutes away from each other so arranged last summer to get together at her place.

2011-6 June visit with Jane

2011-6 June visit, Sue Langley with Jane in her garden

We took this photo and goofed around taking other photos of her garden. We discovered that we had lots in common,…kindred spirits!

Jane visits Sue

Jane visits Sue

….then she visited me on the only rainy day ever in June!

Jane has another Facebook page she runs for her church and posts a new photo on her personal page every day, either of her garden, her cats, Squirrely and Buddy, …or her lunch!

Butterfly on the lily of the Nile

Butterfly on the lily of the Nile

Jane is an excellent photographer and took part in compiling our FMG Note, How to Take GREAT Garden Photos. Just look at this one, above, included in our ‘Birds, Bees and Butterflies’ album.

Garden colors go wild

Garden colors go wild!

Jane’s garden colors go wild in summer!  She says, “Lots of odds & ends in this picture taken last Summer! The old wooden steps used to be for a Jacuzzi. The chair was a yard sale find which I spray-painted purple! Does anyone love spray-paint?!!”

Salvia, planted for hummingbirds

Salvia, planted for hummingbirds, but, butterflies love it too!

My daughter, Lisa, made this salsa from my husband, Kevin's homegrown tomatoes.

My daughter, Lisa, made this salsa from my husband, Kevin’s homegrown tomatoes.

The purple chair and pale yellow watering can goes brilliantly with the Black-eyed Susans

The purple chair and pale yellow watering can goes brilliantly with the Black-eyed Susans

Jane says, “I’ll be making the tipsy-pots soon with a friend. I’ll send a picture if it turns out good. I guess that means I’ll have to put bigger plants in the pots! We will be watching for more garden photos and projects from Jane!  ~~ Sue

See ALL of Jane’s pictures:

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17 thoughts on “Meeting Jane Krauter

  1. Lynda Garcia, Lemoore


  2. Terry Weyland

    Way Cool Pic’s! Thanks

  3. Annie Steen

    Just beautiful gardens Jane~ Thanks for the tour!

  4. Beautiful gardens, and I was so surprised that you had so many different kinds of fruit trees!!! I thought I already “knew” you pretty well, but this profile has enlightened me even more. The picture of you and Sue sitting and chatting is really neat! Maybe we can all meet someday…

  5. Marie Niemann

    Enjoyed the tour of your beautiful gardens and some cool junkola! You’ve accomplished amazing results since you bought the home and it shows. Love the photo of you and Sue!

  6. Terresa

    Wonderful. The pictures are great, but how could you possibly go wrong with such wonderful subjects as Buddy, Squirrley, and all those gorgeous, gorgeous flowers in with the great finds. Glad to get to “meet” you.

  7. Jimmye Porter

    WOW Jane, what a wonderful garden tour I just made.. This is an amazing display of all Mother Natures’ brilliant colors & your occasional ‘spray-painted’ items – I love the purple chair!! The photos you have taken highlight all your likes & loves – from the beautiful colors of the flora to the inclusion of your resident cats. Each photo displays a country serenity, gotta love that. Thanks so much for sharing your likes, loves & your life with FMG.. I will be looking for more of your photos in the future on FMG. :))

  8. Nell Howard Stelzer

    Jane,I love your gardens ! They are so gorgeous with all the colors and the found treasures added . I love spray paint,too ! I can’t wait to see your “tipsy pots” !

  9. I also live in Clovis. Your garden is gorgeous. I wish mine looked half as good. I’ll just be happy if I can keep everything living over the next two months!!

  10. Gorgeous gardens and I love the coloured chairs, lovely

  11. All I can say is WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure wish I had all that knowledge , The pictures are AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Carol

    Following your garden as it grows, along with the bike rides and cat antics, has me working harder and longer in my own garden. Thank you for posting all the “happenings” from your side of town. I also follow the FMG so it is win-win for me! Keep up the happy postings ladies.

  13. Nancy K. Meyer

    Loved the tour of your gardens and all the pretty photos. Love the purple chair. And the cats are priceless. Good to get to ‘know’ my ‘friend’ better !!! Thanks for everything you share with others. <3

  14. Kathy Woods

    Congratulations Jane….great photos as usual.

  15. Esther Borgess

    Thanks for sharing your garden Jane. It is so exciting to see other people’s gardens.

  16. Kirk Willis

    Jane, Your gardens are CREATIVE, INSPIRING, BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, ARTISTIC, and SOOO INVITING! If I were there, I would spend hours and hours enjoying every garden and vignette. LOVE your piece of paradise.

  17. Becky

    your gardens are wonderful, you have the things there, I just love!!

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