Our Flea Folk!

Up close and personal

You know our group is made up of the most talented inspired and creative gardeners and Flea Market shoppers.  Here are some notable friends I know you’ll enjoy meeting. Each has their own style and individual artistic talents to show you in photos taken by them. They all see the beauty around them every day and create wonderful garden worlds around them. Real people. Real gardens,…real projects!***

Click on each photo…


Meeting Nell Stelzer

The wheelbarrow that started it all

Meeting Joy Hale

"My bird house, mounted on a stump"


Meeting George Weaver

Bell sculpture under tree in George's garden


Meeting Jane Krauter

The purple chair and pale yellow watering can goes brilliantly with the Black-eyed Susans


Meeting Sue Langley

The bowling ball, now "garden art" on a stand in the garden. Later it fell off this plastic stand, so another place had to be found.


Meeting Jeanie Merritt


Meeting Stephie McCarthy


Meeting Nancy K Meyer

This bike was mine as a young girl and my husband made sunflower from old machinery parts, and the old kettle is from a dear older neighbor.


Meeting Marie Niemann


Meeting Kirk Willis


Meeting Jeanne Sammons


Meeting Annie Steen


Meeting Julie Brown


4 thoughts on “Our Flea Folk!

  1. Tammy

    Love the window behind the cat. Did you paint it or was it a find?

  2. KAW Said The Krow

    Love it!

  3. Oh, Jeanne, the areas you have created are just lovely. Us tables capers are used to seeing your indoor vignettes, but I can’t say as I’ve ever seen shots of your outdoors (birdies excluded, of course). It’s no wonder you were chosen as a “featured contributor.” I feel famous just knowing you through the net!

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