Tammy’s cottage garden of yesteryear

Part of the beauty of Tammy’s garden is like stumbling on a wee bit of rural England or maybe journeying back a century or two into simpler times. Another factor is how she captures the look with her camera. Look at these ancient looking vignettes containing  cottage garden plants like yarrow, coneflower, snapdragons, foxglove, lobelia and stock. Little birdhouses appear here and there.

Old enamel pan on a wooden stand is centered in the garden bed

A simple old enamel pan on a wooden stand is centered in the garden bed

Tammy’s ancient rusty wagon is filled with Mecardonia ‘Gold Dust’, Violet alyssum, and Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost.’  In this photo below, the clay pots just glow and the handles of the garden forks echo the handle of the wagon.

Tammy's ancient rusty wagon

Tammy’s ancient rusty wagon

Against this weathered grey fence below, coneflowers and meadow sage hide a galvanized chicken feeder hung on a simple hook. Details in the background below are intriguing!  Thanks, Tammy!

A weathered fence is a backdrop for another vignette.

A weathered fence is a backdrop for another vignette.

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4 thoughts on “Tammy’s cottage garden of yesteryear

  1. I think I could look at this again and again ( and I probably will!)….I like her style and the way everythig seems to “accent” each piece. I would love to sit in a chair near these gardens with a friend or two and have great conversation…

  2. Alice Huff

    Good ideas for an instant bottle tree. Now I have to collect wine bottles from my friends. And I think I might be able to land a boat or a kayak that is not usable anymore. Oh, the possibilities, my, my my!

  3. Jeanne Sammmons

    The old wagon vignette is so unique … what a wonderful idea adding those extra tool handles! Love the old washtub on the weathered bench …wonderful gardens, Tammy! TFS, Sue Langley!

  4. Nell Howard Stelzer

    I love the rustic look and the old time flowers ! It reminds me of my grandmother’s flowers,I miss those days.

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