Scarecrows visit DC on the 4th of July!

Scarecrows are a longtime feature in the garden and a popular creation for Flea Market Gardeners. On Flea Market Gardening Facebook page, we’ve devoted an entire album to these scarecrows called ‘Meet the Garden People.’ Four of these ‘crows have become ‘friends’ over the years and love to travel together partying from one end of the country to another.  Last march, they went to Boston for the St Paddy’s Day Parade. Join us for the second adventure!

The Flea Market Gardening scarecrow gang is on the loose again!  This time they’re visiting Washington DC for the Fourth of July celebration. The scarecrows and their creators are, Larry, created by Brian Stephan, Mr T created by Randy and Marie Niemann, Marty made by George Weaver and SAL, made by Nancy K Meyer.

All four patriotic scarecrows

All four patriotic scarecrows, clockwise from top left, SAL, Larry, Marty and Mr. T

Just getting there!

It was hard enough just traveling to DC from the various places from which they came. Larry‘s bags are packed, the taxi’s waiting, he’s blowing his horn; off to Ronald Reagan to begin the adventure. Marty may have some issues with TSA, if you know what I mean.  Marty did not have to fly down . Close enough he took the bus. Due to the hot weather he has made a lot of money watering the neighbors yards.

How DO Marty, SAL and Mr “T” get through airports? Doctor’s statements listing their metal replacement parts; plus pat downs.

SAL is always considered a dangerous weapon and TSA likes to hassle her. No worries…her hands are just handy tools –not weapons.

The four need to find rooms out of town and take the Metro in, parking will be bad and SAL is not used to driving on much more than gravel roads and two lane highways.  Wait a minute…they’re letting SAL drive?   Hmmmm, where are your eyes, girl?  Better take the Metro!

On the Metro, this conversation was heard:

SAL: It will be hot tomorrow…Marty better be sure he can keep the gang supplied with drinking water.

Larry: Water? What do you think bars are for?

SAL: Water was the recommendation of the website Sal checked out. They said nothing about bars

Larry: Water causes rust.

SAL, raising eyebrows: Oh my –never thought about that, thanks for reminding me.  (eyebrows?)


All four are excited making plans for what they’ll do during their visit.  The 4th of July in DC  is an all-day event in the nation’s capital, beginning with a parade along Constitution Avenue and ending with a spectacular display of fireworks over the Washington Monument.  The gang want to visit the Smithsonian and attend A Capitol Fourth on the Mall.

Larry reports that last night the gang stayed at the Watergate Hotel and had drinks at the bar while they waited for Marty‘s bus.  Mr. “T” arrived at the hotel and said the only problem was airport security wouldn’t allow him to carry a case of WD-40 on board. He’s called room service for a 6 pack of Blue Bud. Let the party begin!

SAL is so happy to see all her ‘buds’ again.   She has been reading up on DC and is so excited to be here for the first time.  Not sure if they will have time to take in all the sights and a parade and fireworks. But she has a list –you know us gals and our ‘lists’.

This morning, the 4th

Early this morning, men in the black suits started to follow them around. There are a lot of agencies that could take interest in them . FBI, CIA. Secret Service , Homeland security, Federal Election commission. The four decided to duck into the White House Garden…you know scarecrows feel the safest there.  They look and look and can’t find it!

The scarecrows spotted the first lady, then, and requested that she join Flea Market Gardening! They explained the sensibility and creativity of using junk in her garden there.  It’s a pretty green thing to do,” they say.  “Hmmm”….Michelle says, leaving… “I’ll have to let you know. I’ve heard collecting garden junk is quite addicting…”

The gang planting up the White House lawn.

The gang planting up the White House lawn while Marty plows.

After looking over all that lawn, and with SAL‘s tools in hand and Marty plow,  they decided to transform the lawn into a kitchen garden like they’d heard Michelle Obama was intending. Wait a minute ‘Crows,…the White House Garden is in the back!

The scarecrows were so hot by this time. But where has SAL gone?

Marty says,” I heard SAL was doing a historical reenactment and wading in the reflection pool yelling FORREST!!! FORREST!!!!”

Yes, SAL can get her undies in a bunch just like that (snap)wading in the refection pool –oh no!  SAL needs to be a good girl and not be so friendly with the other guys if you get my drift. Now we know why Sal was in the reflecting pool, she was trying to cool off!  It’s 100°F today in DC and humid!

Mr ‘T’ got stove up trying to pull SAL out because he was rusting in his joints! Larry to the rescue!  Uh,…a little late!

Larry to the rescue!

Larry to the rescue!

"Wait, please, officer,...I'll get her out!" says Mr T.  Oh SAL, you've done it again!

“Wait, please, officer,…I’ll get her out!” says Mr T. Oh SAL, you’ve done it again!

SAL explains to the officers,…”I wasn’t thinking…try having a shovel head for a head –not easy, but oh well!  Thankfully they let her go and the four set out for the Smithsonian. Poor Sal, looks like she’s getting quite a rap sheet.

Oops! While waiting for the Metro at the Park and ride the group was mistaken for a Minstrel Group and made some serious cash.

A 4th of July tradition in the nation’s capital includes a live concert by the National Symphony Orchestra and several pop artists performing patriotic music on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol Building. The concert and show is followed by a spectacular display of fireworks over the Washington Monument. The concert is free and open to the public.

Our 'Crows, enjoying the private White House 4th of July picnic

Our ‘Crows, enjoying the private White House 4th of July picnic

Dinner and a Show

What?  An invitation to the White House private 4th of July Picnic?! Yes, Michelle Obama heard that the Scarecrow Patriots were in town and wanted to personally thank them for their efforts in promoting home gardening. Fried chicken, potato salad, chocolate cake and lemonade. Wonder if the First Lady noticed the front lawn plowed into a corn field….no, guess not,…at least, not yet!

Fireworks! Who's up on that lightpole?

Fireworks! Who’s up on that lightpole?

Last event of the day,..the spectacular fireworks show to cap the evening celebrating our Nation’s birth. What now?  Mr ‘T’ got a leg up from Larry and climbed the light pole to get a better view.  Luckily he’s not flammable!

Until the next adventure,..the scarecrows are returning tomorrow to their homes , saying goodbye to their metal ‘mates’, tired but happy!

-The End-

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10 thoughts on “Scarecrows visit DC on the 4th of July!

  1. Nancy Meyer

    How Much Fun is this ??? Those guys (and gal) know how to party !!!

  2. Marie Niemann

    I’m not sure who’s having the most fun? Them or us!! Wondering what kind of junk Michelle has laying around the White House? Got to be some great old rusty stuff in the garden shed!

  3. Nell Howard Stelzer

    I hope they don’t have too much trouble on the Metro,some people aren’t as friendly as they are used to. The concerts are usually very good,they need to get there early to grab a good spot to watch !

  4. What do I think? I have never had so much fun reading something. VERY cleverly done and entertaining. These four are better than Dallas…..well, almost!!!! LOL

  5. George

    I would love to see corn planted in the White House garden .Great job guys.

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  7. Nancy Meyer

    Hey, doesn’t sound like anyone got arrested and they even got invited to the White House. Sounds like it was a good time. :o)

  8. Jeanne Sammmons

    ROTFLMR(rear)O!!!!! Sue Langley, you are too much! Larry, Sal, Mr. T, Marty…you know how to party! What a trip (literally!) I’m glad a ‘great photographer’ & journalist captured the images in DC! Sensational, Sue L! … Brian, Nancy, Marie & George!

  9. Nell Howard Stelzer

    I love the end of their busy trip ! They seemed to be a real hit,too ! The fireworks are great ! I enjoyed reading about thier adventures this holiday !

  10. This sure looked to be a very fun trip. I am so glad the scarecrows all made it to DC and back home again safely. Loved the pic of all of them on the White house lawn. I think they could all make a contribution to beautify the lawns of the capitol. Glad they were all safe and no one got arrested. Hope they all got home and had a good soak in a tub of WD-40 to loosen them up for further work. Thanks to all of you involved in this blog. Very clever and the artwork was wonderful.

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