Announcing: “Celebrate Spring!” Photo Contest

Flea Market Gardening  “Celebrate Spring!” Photo Contest

May 16th-  Here are the winners!

Deborah Smith
First Place!

Jeanne Sammons
Second Place!

Tammy Blair-Lack
Third Place!

Sue Shackelford
Fourth Place!

See the best of the  entries:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

May 8th

Three more days to enter the“Celebrate Spring!” Photo Contest!

Post your photos, labeled”Celebrate Spring!”, on our Flea Market Gardening Facebook Wall and watch for the album with entries to be posted tomorrow with all the entries so far.  Deadline to enter is 6pm Pacific on Friday, May 11th. Saturday, we’ll choose winners and Sunday they’ll be announced! First, Second, Third, and Fourth place winners!  ~~ Sue

April 28th  Here’s how it will work

Please label YOUR 1 (ONE) photo “Celebrate Spring!” when you post it on our Flea Market Gardening Facebook Wall.

Your photo will be judged on these criteria:

#1 It celebrates Spring season, preferably using…
#2 some form of flea market item, rust, or junkola.
#3 It must be taken by you.

Post it on our Facebook page Wall starting now, April 28, 2012!

The contest photos will be collected in a “Celebrate Spring!” album on our FMG facebook page and in a slide show here on this page.

Winners will be chosen by a team of active flea folk.

Winners will be chosen in First, Second, Third, and Fourth place and those photos will be used in our header photos until Summer begins June 20.

Winners will be chosen on Mother’s Day, May 13th and posted here and on our FB page!  Yea   Fun!!!  Check back here for updates!

“Celebrate Spring!”

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15 thoughts on “Announcing: “Celebrate Spring!” Photo Contest

  1. Jeanne Sammmons

    Sounds like fun & I’ll love seeing all the FMGing Spring pics & ideas!

  2. Nancy K. Meyer

    What a wonderful idea, I hope some of our new people post a photo, always love new ideas. <3

  3. I’m in!!!!

  4. I don’t know how to post a photo here…any help please :)

  5. your site would not accept my cell phone pic

    • Jean and Mike, You can post photos to our FB page from a desktop or laptop. Hope to see one from each of you! ~~ Sue

      • mmm..yeah….how?

      • says there was a problem with the image file (htm?.) when i try to transfer it to this fb page

      • Debbie Hudson

        Sue, I have a question for you on your bowling ball orb .You said to prep to get wax off and then lightly sand it and paint it what kind of paint and color and do you even have to paint it ? Thanks Debbie..

      • Hi Debbie, I didn’t have to paint my bowling ball because the black fit with my colors. Had I painted it(with primer) it would have been more reflective and therefore brighter. For those making penny balls, a BB covered with about 8-9 dollars of pennies, painting the BB a copper color would blend with the pennies. Some who didn’t do that needed two layers! ~~ Sue.

  6. Jean, you may also email your Celebrate Spring photo entry to
    Winners will be announced on FB and here on this post. :-) Sue

  7. Evelyn Landis

    Is the contest over?

    • Oh, yes! It ended on Mother’s Day….you can see the winning photos here on on the FMG Facebook page. We’ll be having more contests….~~ Sue

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