Annie’s galvanized “tipsy pots”

Galvanized tubs containers, combined with ‘tipsy pots’ is a genius idea and two of our favorite things at Flea Market Gardening!

Annie Steen has ‘upped the ante’ with her galvanized ‘tipsy pots’ and has added  water flowing from the middle tub pouring into a little stream that flows into her pond.

Annie's fabulous creation

Annie's fabulous creation

What is her secret?

First of all, inspiration from another FMGer, Jeanne Sammons who posted her galvanized tipsy pots last year here on Flea Market gardening. Annie says, “Here is my friend Jeanne Sammons ‘tipsy bucket planter… Isn’t it beautiful?”

Jeanne Sammons galvanized tipsys

Jeanne Sammons galvanized tipsys with beads for 'water!'

Annie Grossart-Steen says, “I put mine at the top of the waterfall of the pond, with clematis growing in the back…I have no idea whats going in them yet, but I have a few weeks to think about it. Thanks for the wonderful Idea!”

Annie’s ‘how-tos’

“The rod I used is a 1″ electric conduit steel pipe. I drilled holes in the buckets, ran a pipe through the bottom tub into the ground and stacked the buckets. The buckets are screwed to the center rod, and that rod goes through the bottom tub about 2 feet into the ground.”

Tipsy tubs, ready to be planted

Tipsy tubs, ready to be planted

Annie used a galvanized watering can, a coal bucket, two medium sized tubs and a large wash tub, drilling drainage holes in the bottoms.  Galvanized is a term used when  steel or iron has been coated with zinc to prevent rusting, and it’s just fine to plant in!

For terracotta tipsy pots, a rebar or other thin pipe is pounded into the ground about a foot, then the pots are threaded and tipped this way and that onto the bar. Soil is added and flowers planted.  Push the bar down into the top pot so it doesn’t show!

“This sits right at the top of the waterfall of the pond, and I ran a hose up to the coal bucket and the water pours right back into the pond. Can’t wait to see it planted with the water spilling over….am I crazy or what…” Annie asks.

Galvanized 'tipsy pots' Photo by Annie Steen

Galvanized 'tipsy pots' Photo by Annie Steen

Ann Elias also saw Jeanne’s idea and acquired the ‘raw materials’ needed.  She says, “After seeing the photo of Jeanne Sammons tipsy bucket planter…I had to go check out my stash in the backyard by the fence which I placed there last year.”

Ann Elias's 'tipsy pot-to-be'

Ann Elias's 'tipsy pot-to-be'

“I got these from my Mother-in-laws garage when getting her house ready for an estate sale. I have a watering can somewhere in the garage. I can’t wait to make one and plant it…and then bring my mother-in-law over to see what I did with her treasures. THANKS so much to everyone here for all the inspiration!” Ann says.

Thanks especially to Jeanne and Annie.  You’ll inspire many to do this project.  ~~ Sue

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15 thoughts on “Annie’s galvanized “tipsy pots”

  1. I love this idea with the tubs! They look so beautiful!

  2. deniseinark

    OOO now I can see this used as a water garden. How cool – a stack of planters, but the top one is a watering can, the hose runs out the rosette, and the bottom one is a tub with water plants in it. ooooo. Can you see it, too?

  3. Those are just adorable!

  4. Brenda

    I found some of those glass things at a garage sale this weekend for $1.00 to put in my birdbaths. Love them.

  5. Jeanne Sammmons

    This is so fun, Sue! Love, love Annie’s tipsy buckets made into a water feature! She is so talented & has such vision! Good luck, Ann E…& have fun w/your ‘galvanized’ stash! TFS, Sue!

  6. Nancy K. Meyer

    Wonderful ‘how-to’ and great to see the finished project.

  7. Jennifer Rogers

    I love this idea, both with and without the water feature. Do you think the bottom of the planted buckets need to have drain holes drilled in?

  8. Isabel Sisson

    I love this gotta have one of these.

  9. Marie Niemann

    They turned out so pretty! I love the idea of the galvanized pots and for the watering can fountain! The flowers are a perfect choice for this project! Good job Annie!!

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  11. Lori

    Love love love this idea! Have most of the “parts” to try it but curious as to the flowing water! I know you ran the garden hose up into the coal bucket but is it fed by a pump from your pond? I dont have a pond to start with but want to try the water feature with the bottom tub full of water! Guessing I need to invest in the pump guts! LOL ;)

  12. Karen

    Wonderful, love it. What a beautiful idea.

  13. Lillie Moss

    Love it, I got to show that my hubby.Thank!

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