I ‘brake’ for succulents

A few months ago, I found this rusty brake thingy in front of our car in a parking lot. Of course, I lifted the heavy thing and set it in the back of our small truck bed. In the dusk, I couldn’t tell if Tractor Man rolled his eyes.

Ghost plant and sedum

Ghost plant and sedum fill the mystery car part.

Rusty brake 'container'

The rusty brake became a 'container'

It was a Red Lobster parking lot! High class, don’t you know? If anyone had seen this before me there might have been a struggle.

Rusty brake 'container' on log

Rusty brake 'container' on log

Now, here it is in my garden planted with pearly grey-green Ghost Plant, Graptopetalum paraguayense, Dragon’s blood’ sedum and set on a log beside a path. ~ Sue

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11 thoughts on “I ‘brake’ for succulents

  1. Jimmye Porter

    WOW, great find – love the plant you chose & the Natural setting is perfect for your ‘new’ find. :))

  2. Jeanne Sammmons

    Rust goes so great w/your succulent choices! & that old stump you put it on, too! Love it! Good recycling (for Red Lobster’s parking lot, too)!

  3. wonderful! love the texture of the rust combined with the soft fleshy shades of the succulents. fabulous find. just makes ya want to go scavenge through some junk yards to find more awesome nooks to grow succulents.

  4. Love this! I need to find something like this.

  5. Nancy K. Meyer

    LOVE…..love…….<3 …….it, Great plant and nice rusty thingy !!!

  6. Trudy

    Remembering all the parts my brothers hauled off at our mothers demand. Tons of this stuff could have been used like planters. Thanks for the ideas

  7. That is so cool! Not crazy at all! I love it!

  8. Very cool. Looks like a little space ship. You need more rusty treasures for the other stumps. Make an entire garden!

  9. Marilyn Everett

    I love it! If I had a bigger yard I would love something like this. My taste is a lot different than my hubby’s too. I used to go junkin’ more often with my garden friends but that has slowed since he has retired. We are a crazy bunch of ladies who love to find treasures to decorate our gardens. Still you never know what I might find and drag into my yard to enjoy along with the flowers. Thanks for sharing your story and photos!

  10. Thanks, everyone! I do need more rust for the other stumps. I don’t know where I got this liking for old things for plant containers and decorations in the garden, but it sure is fun. ~~ Sue

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