Creating an altar to Nature’s beauty

You may have many nice objects in your home, but setting aside a special place for an ‘altar’ to Nature’s Beauty can be a joy to see  and a welcoming sight when you arrive home. This is where you can put the most special objects, fancy or humble, which express an appreciation of Mother Nature and feed your soul.

A buffet top or a front entrance table is a good place for a vase of flowers, an interesting seedpod or pine cone or a few of your favorite objects. Use your most beautiful vases there.  No keys, no mail.  Teach a child how to pick and arrange flowers. Or have them teach you!  No matter the season, a child will find something to cut and bring inside for this spot.

Don’t forget that outdoors is also a place where such a place can be set aside.

In the summer a patio table can be a place to set a pot, keeping it current and groomed of faded flowers, always looking fresh and nice.  No matter what the condition of the rest of the garden, this one place gives your eye a place to rest and as summer flowers fade still brings a bright spot of color. Even better is if the table is in view of the house.

In winter, in our area where it snows, it is a challenge to keep an attractive outdoor area with in view of the house, where melting snow and wood storage close by can be distracting and messy.  Creating a special place outside your windows can be a way to display snow patterns on branches or or other natural objects.

This season, take a look at places within view of your windows:

  • See what pots and seasonal items can be stashed away.
  • Bring in all your ceramic pots that hold water as they may freeze and crack.
  • Sugar pine cones can be stood inside pots as a decoration and when they catch snow it can be even prettier.
  • In an urn or large pot, decorative branches can be placed so they catch snow in different designs.
  • If you have evergreens in a Christmas tree shape, put them in view of your windows. They’re weather proof!


The designs of snow and ice can be very intricate and give a beautiful look to your garden even in Winter.  Having a focal point to set it off is fun!  ~~ Sue

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4 thoughts on “Creating an altar to Nature’s beauty

  1. Marie Niemann

    Very nice display of the beauty found in nature, I like the idea of creating an alter and bringing in some natural treasures like rocks, twigs and branches to be enjoyed year round. Those pods are very cool!

  2. Nell Howard Stelzer

    I enjoyed all of your hints. I may let the grands pick some flowers this summer so we can try the arrangements. Thanks for sharing Sue !

  3. So beautiful, Sue. You are clearly Wonder Woman, too!

  4. Thanks, everyone,…it is fun to collect bits of nature with a child and I always let them pick flowers for vases. No flower is as precious as a child. ~~ Sue

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