Using ‘found’ broken pots in the garden

Oh, no! Someone has knocked down a pot of flowers and broken it! Ah, well, it happens… And sometimes you see a broken pot at a sale and think why in the world are they selling that? But wait, these can be bargains!

Here is what I do. First I started putting a ‘carpet’ of broken terra cotta pots under the hose bib.

Broken terracotta clay pots can still be used near the hose.

Broken terracotta clay pots can still be used near the hose.

A place was found to use this set of broken blue pots found at the flea market. I knocked them over and before I ever got to plant them!

Broken blue pots

Broken blue pots

What really hurt was this broken Bauer pot, a treasure found at a University Flea Market in my favorite color! Broken from being left out in freezing weather most likely. I found a spot for the pieces which pleases me, next to the Germander sage, Salvia chamaedryoides, a color match. Eases the pain a bit!

Broken Bauer pot

Broken Bauer pot, ouch, that hurts…

This idea below, seen on a garden tour, comes obviously from the heartbreak of a large broken pot. Planted with sedum and echeveria with small mushrooms placed inside it makes a now charming accent to a flower bed.

So if you see broken or flawed pots at a thrift store or tag sale, you know they can be used in the garden with a little creative imagination!

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3 thoughts on “Using ‘found’ broken pots in the garden

  1. Sharron Mcdonald

    When my beloved ladybug pots got broken for one reason or another(probably my husband kicked them over) I saved the pieces, not really knowing what I was going to do with them. Now I know.

  2. They also make great soil covers for potted plants. Just toss them on top to dress up your pots.

  3. Arlene

    I used to work at a garden center and over the years there were several broken pots, so on a steep slope I made a broken pot cemetary, with hens and chicks planted in them

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