Gardening in the Rain

"Gardening in the Rain" by Brian Kershisnik

"Gardening in the Rain" by Brian Kershisnik

First rain storm of the Autumn season and what gardener alive doesn’t love that? Some people dance and sing in the rain, but we’re gardeners, so we go out to the garden! Get into your oldest clothes and grungiest shoes, for easy bulb planting, for easy weeding. Watering chores are over and the drip system turned off for the season. The air is spicy with the soapy scent of Elegant Madia. Breathe in!

No one will interrupt you out there in case they have to help, and even though this will confirm your gardening obsession, you already knew that! No heat or bugs will bother you and you’ll feel like a kid, getting all muddy and dirty. When was the last time you did that?

Afterward, with a cup of hot tea and your clothes in the washer, you can listen to the rain soaking into all the roots of your newly planted babies. It’s a delightful feeling! First rain!

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One thought on “Gardening in the Rain

  1. Very nice. It’s too cold to play in the rain here yet!

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