Starting from scratch-my junk stash

Old doors

Old doors

As a tribute to my dear Tractor Man, all these doors and windows for future projects were moved 300 miles north when we moved from the city to the mountains.  Not one word was said, except for this, “Are we keeping these?”



Old ladders are often discarded on trash day when a new one is needed. No reason you can use them in the garden!  These are collected  and displayed leaned up against the old goat shed.

Old tools and Grandma's chair

Old tools and Grandma's chair

This chair was my Grandma’s, now 75 years old!   And the tools are Grandpa’s and some found at yard sales.

One FMG reader, Barbra, says, “When those chair legs rust thru, cut them, run a piece of pvc inside the leg (or outside if its larger pvc) and spot weld it back together. Hubby puts a couple of screws into it to stabilize the pvc and TA-DA….. nothing goes to the scrap pile!”

I wish I had know that before. One of Tractor Man’s burly friends sat on the other one of my chairs and sank ,…slowly….to the ground with his feet up in the air! ~~ Sue

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